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Surviving - and Thriving - in an Ocean of Data

  1. Illuminate Your Information

    All too often, data that is highly desired – if not critical - for organizational operation is inaccessible, disjoint, and/or unintelligible. Without sufficient support from an information repository spanning and linking the interests of multiple stakeholders, activities frequently expend extra effort plowing through the turbulence of data manipulation and may run aground on the shoals of data isolation.

  2. Managing complex information and collaborative processes with
    agile software solutions that are efficient and affordable
    … the core competency that has become
    increasingly necessary for operational success.

  3. Watch Over Your Operation

    Various participants contribute to the success - or lack thereof - of organizational pursuits. Defining, coordinating, and monitoring their collaborative efforts is a paramount challenge in today's lean, fast-changing business climate. Knowing those activities in trouble and having ready access to rescue options are vital capabilities for saving floundering operations from sinking.

Integrated Analysis Management System (IAMS)

IAMS is a a testbed framework that manages analysis involving some hybrid of simulation/stimulation agent and design model/implementation.

Click here to access the demonstration server


SavvyScape provides "a panorama of options for those in the know on the go"

Click here to access the demonstration server


A innovative collaboration facility for group photo submission, review, and captioning

Click here to access the demonstration server

iCare4Needs (NeedSupport)

ICare (initially prototyped as NeedSupport) provides general non-profit support with a focus on matching up folk who have needs and those who can help meet those needs.

Click here to access the NeedSupport protoype or here to access the nominal ICare server


JobMeister provides a reference deployment of a job-oriented management facility for order production and/or service support

Click here to access the demonstration server


EduMeister provides an evolving system for managing school grading

Click here to access the demonstration server


ITmedicos is a new way for service technicians and residential/commercial customers to collaboratively manage IT equipment and configurations

Click here to learn more


VirtMeets hosts virtual meetings - including videoconferencing, whiteboard, messaging, and screen sharing/recording/playback - on an open source framework.

Click here to access the community system


OpenBravo is the premeir open-source ERP platform for managing business operations.

Click here to access the demonstration system

Asset Inventory

Configuration Capture

Hardware Diagnostics

File System Backup

Network Assessment

Database Management

Application Customization

  1. As wave after wave of component technologies breaks over the software industry, many options cover various information management aspects. Many times, packages and products are thrown together in ways that, while providing some solid capabilities, may be difficult to traverse - or worse does not reach a desired objective.

    Selecting the appropriate building blocks and then forming them into a solid foundation supporting required and desired functionality is absolutely critical to operational success.

  2. Software Architecture

    Object Oriented Design
    Model Driven Frameworks
    Open Source Components
    Distributed Processing
    • Client-Server, Peer-to-Peer

    Communication Networks
    Workflow Control

    Data Management

    Logical Data Modeling
    Object/Relational Structures
    Database Administration
    Interface Transformation

    Display Interface

    Role Driven Tailoring
    Alternative Access
    • Autonomous, Thick, Thin, Mobile

    General Object Viewing
    • Attributes, Relationships

    Common Visualization Formats
    • Tabular, Spatial, Temporal, Linkage

  3. System Implementation

    • Java, C++

    Web Access
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    App Servers
    • Tomcat

    Object Persistence
    • Hibernate

    • MySQL, SqlServer, Oracle

    Integrated Document Handling
    • MSOffice, OpenOffice

    Common Functionality
    • Mail, Maps, Images, Plotting

    Research/Engineering Support

    Core Science
    • Fluid Flow, Thermodynamics, Combustion

    Wrap-around Testbeds
    • Simulation, Variation, Metrics

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